Our Science

Gene Coding for a New Generation of Genetic Medicine

SalioGen is advancing a new category of genetic medicine we call Gene Coding. Gene Coding works by adding a new genomic code to turn on, off or modify function of new or existing genes. Gene Coding is accomplished by SalioGen’s Exact DNA Integration Technology, or EDIT—which is based on mammal-derived genome engineering enzymes called Saliogase. Saliogase seamlessly inserts new DNA of any size into precise, defined genomic locations. Through its proprietary platform, SalioGen aims to develop durable, safe, accessible genetic therapies that expands the current reach of gene therapy or gene editing to more patients living with inherited diseases.

How our technology works

Helper RNA That Encodes Saliogase, Which Integrates Donor DNA into the Genome


  • Saliogase is a mammal-derived enzyme that can integrate DNA sequences into defined locations in the genome, including genomic safe harbor sites
  • Seamless integration mechanism does not cause double strand DNA breaks, and does not rely on host DNA repair pathways or homologous recombination, increasing efficiency and reliability
  • Integration into recipient genome results in a durable effect after just a single dose
  • RNA delivery of Saliogase ensures only transient enzyme expression

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Lipid nanoparticle RNA that encodes Saliogase Donor DNA

Additional Applications for SalioGen’s Platform

Gene Coding can be harnessed beyond in vivo gene therapy for ex vivo cell therapy and cell engineering applications as well.

SalioGen aims to form partnerships to apply our platform to cell therapy, stem cell therapy, cell engineering and cell line development for rapid manufacturing of biologics, including CAR T cells, hematopoietic stem cells, antibodies, growth factors, enzymes and stable cell lines for adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids.