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Our team consists of leading scientists, expert drug developers and biotech industry veterans. Together, we are committed to expanding the reach of a new category of genetic medicine.

Our mission is to transform the treatment paradigm for patients with inherited disorders by developing durable, broadly applicable, life-altering therapies grounded in innovative and rigorous science. By advancing a new category of genetic medicine, at SalioGen, we aspire to treat all inherited disorders, rare or common.

We are looking for people who are driven to develop genetic medicines that can make a significant impact on patients’ lives. If you would like to inquire about a role at SalioGen, please email
Please be alert to potential fraudulent recruiting efforts, such as when an individual not associated with SalioGen Therapeutics seeks to make contact with you by pretending to be someone from SalioGen. Please reach out to to verify the authenticity of a job you have been contacted about if you have any questions regarding the validity of a position.